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Personal Article Floaters 

for Valuables

Personal Article Floater Policies are designed to extend special protection to possessions that hold extraordinary value that fall outside the normal limits of a Homeowners Policy. Engagement rings are a common example, but this special policy is not limited to jewelry. It could also apply to silverware, fine arts, firearms, furs, coin & stamp collections, and musical instruments.

All Personal Article Floater Policies require specific information on your articles in order to be scheduled (itemized) on the policy. Sometimes these policies are attached as riders to your existing Homeowners Policy, or written on a standalone policy. 

The following requirements are typical for all Personal Article Floaters:

-Bill of Sale dated within 3 years, or a recent appraisal performed by an authorized dealer, clearly detailing the description and value of the article(s).

-A clean picture of the article(s)

-Are articles part of a pair or set?

-Are articles stored in a safe deposit box?

A confidential call or email with any special questions or concerns will be greeted by a trustworthy agent. 

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