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Specialized in Insuring Fine New Jersey & Pennsylvania Homes

The worst time to discover you haven't got the right Homeowner's Policy is when disaster strikes, but unfortunately, I hear horror stories daily from insureds whose agents overlooked important details, which resulted in either denied claims, or severely underpaid claims. That's why it's critical for homeowners to be proactive and speak with a reputable agent who will take the time to listen to their specific needs. Just remember, no two families have the same type of house, with the same types of belongings, with the same types of liability exposures!


If I had to name the most important facet about Homeowner's Insurance, it would be that no two policies are ever identical. I work hard to ensure your home's features and contents are thoroughly accounted for through carefully calculated estimates using industry-standard software. 

A well-crafted Homeowner's Policy provides so much more than just protection for your home; it should also provide liability coverage & protection for your belongings while off premises, among other lesser-known protections. 

Let's schedule a time to discuss your Homeowner's Insurance concerns. As an added value, I'm available to assist you with inventorying your higher-valued contents and preparing a detailed Home Replacement Cost Estimate upon request. I also have highly-trusted appraisers who can help you with appraising certain valuables & collections.



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